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Four-Step Guide to Defensibly Releasing a Legal Hold
This guide from Exterro and RSD provides a four-step process to help organizations ensure responsive data is adequately protected.
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Quick Guide: E-Discovery for IT Professionals
Exterro’s Quick Guide: E-Discovery for IT Professionals examines e-discovery technology trends from an IT perspective, focusing on such themes as data security, accessibility and scalability.
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Protecting Privacy in Cross-Border Litigation
For U.S.-based, multinational organizations, privacy statutes in foreign nations have become a minefield. This paper discussions the importance of proactively managing the use of ESI based in foreign countries during e-discovery.
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Eliminating E-Discovery Over-Collection
This whitepaper debunks popular myths surrounding e-discovery collection and offers practical advice for developing a targeted collection strategy that substantially reduces ESI volumes while preserving counsel’s ability to meet e-discovery obligations.
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Quick Guide: Decoding Predictive Technologies in E-Discovery
This Quick Guide delivers a compilation of recent E-Discovery Beat writings that address common questions legal teams have about predictive technologies and showcases how real-world users are already taking advantage of these exciting new capabilities.
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IT Buyer's Guide Cover
E-Discovery Transformed: IT Buyer’s Guide
This buyer’s guide will help IT teams identify requirements for e-discovery software selection, deployment and management.
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Three Common Techniques for E-Discovery Preservation
In this whitepaper, e-discovery experts from PricewaterhouseCoopers and Exterro examine three techniques, (1) Custodian Self Preservation, (2) Preservation by Collection and (3) In-Place Preservation, for ensuring defensible, efficient e-discovery preservation.
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Quick Guide: E-Discovery Cross-Border Data Compliance
This Quick Guide highlights two popular cross-border cases and recent developments in global data privacy laws, while also addressing common questions that legal teams are presented when faced with cross-border e-discovery issues and best practices for improving e-discovery and regulatory cross-border privacy processes.
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Cover: Five Steps to Avoiding Common Legal Hold Mistakes
Five Steps to Avoiding Common Legal Hold Mistakes
This paper examines current case law and outlines the “Five Steps to Avoiding Common Legal Hold Mistakes.”
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Cover: Quick Guide Legal Hold
Quick Guide: Legal Hold Management
This quick guide examines five significant legal hold cases and provides a look into the legal hold mishaps, blunders and miscommunications that, surprisingly, are all too common in today’s legal practices, as well as highlight tips and best practices for improving legal hold management practices.
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Cover: Facts First
Take a “Facts First” Approach to E-Discovery
This white paper delves into the e-discovery challenges faced by today’s enterprises and provides practical steps for applying a “facts first” approach that both exceeds court expectations and reduces discovery costs.
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E-Discovery Case Law Review: The 3 Ps for 2013
E-Discovery best practices are ever evolving. The 2006 amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) laid the e-discovery ground rules but have not adequately detailed how to meet and comply with these rules. “Reasonableness,” “proportional,” “complete and correct” and “undue burden” are all words and phrases very much apparent
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Interoperability: The New Buzz for E-Discovery Software
Interoperability: The New Buzz for E-Discovery Software
The primary drive toward a more efficient electronic discovery process boils down to a concern for the bottom line: Costs skyrocket as e-discovery drags on, or if early stages of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) are mishandled. An IT professional's time is stretched thin and they may not be
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Understanding the Duty to Preserve
The current regulatory environment calls for in­creased diligence when it comes to legal holds. Simply sending an email notification is no longer enough, and the courts will show no mercy for companies that can’t “show their work.” Judge Scheindlin’s Pension Committee decision illus­trates perfectly that the courts will no longer
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Defensible E-Discovery in Corporate Litigation
Forensics expert and attorney Aaron Cronan, Esq., examines the legal defensibility of employing Exterro Fusion® as the primary enterprise electronic discovery
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2011 E-Discovery Case Law Analysis: Lessons Learned and Practical Tips for 2012
A company’s e-discovery process is only as strong as it is defensible. The biggest challenge lies in figuring out where to begin. This white paper explores the important themes that figured prominently in case rulings in 2011 and provides helpful tips for addressing e-discovery challenges in 2012. Specific areas explored
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Social Media and E-Discovery: How to Win Friends and Preserve Your Data (and Your Dignity)
During litigation, nothing is sacred, and no stone will remained unturned in the hunt for responsive data -- and that includes social media data. With social media here to stay — and growing in popularity every day — the question needs to change from “How do we avoid these sites?”
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NC Ethics: Cloud Computing in the Legal Space
For attorneys and law firms considering using a cloud-based legal solution, a specific ethics decision from a state bar association has been a long time coming. North Carolina tackled legal SaaS head-on when it issued “Proposed 2010 Formal Ethics Opinion 7: Subscribing to Software as a Service While Fulfilling the
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E-Discovery Project Managment
E-Discovery Project Management: Bringing Process to Practice
Smart litigators know that electronic discovery is at least as much about controlling the process as it is about practicing the art of law. Using the e-discovery project management framework outlined in this paper, e-discovery practitioners will learn how to gain control over the chaos of e-discovery, cutting litigation costs
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Finding the Right Legal Process Management Tools
Finding the Right Legal Process Management Tools
One of the biggest decisions legal teams have to make is how and where to run legal applications and solutions. Fortunately, there are multiple choices that lower costs and increase business agility, including traditional on-site deployment, server virtualization, internal clouds, external private clouds and public
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Automated Data Mapping: Defensible Information Governance for E-Discovery
If your company was served with a discovery request tomorrow, would you be able to immediately comply with that request? Would you be confident that you could locate all of the relevant data in a timely manner and deliver it for litigation? Rule 26(a) states that initial meet and confer
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5 Steps to Compliance: Building an Automated Data Map
The critical elements of a successful legal-hold strategy include broad-based management, transparent technological infrastructure and cross-departmental collaboration. Here are five steps to consider for organizations to improve their legal-hold
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Effective Data Mapping: A Holistic Approach to Integrating Legal, Records Management and IT Needs
Halting document destruction requires knowledge of where the relevant documents reside; something to which many corporate legal departments don’t have ready and current access. Failure to follow protocol regarding information updating, and its inability to map its laptops to specific custodians, or employees, building a comprehensive data map and litigation
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Legal GRC: Creating a Holistic Approach to Legal Governance, Risk and Compliance
Juggling three responsibilities—governance, risk mitigation, and compliance—can pose a daunting task for any in-house lawyer. To make matters worse, rising costs associated with fulfilling these responsibilities have recently fallen under the scrutiny of the CFO. In-house counsel is now charged with proving effective performance on a budget without creating monumental
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A Business Case for an Integrated Legal Hold and Discovery Management Platform
If a company can demonstrate good faith, foresight, and prudence by adopting a reasonable document retention and preservation plan long before litigation commences and then following that plan when litigation ensues, the chances of spoliation sanctions will be significantly reduced. To that end, Exterro: Fusion Legal Hold Management provides corporations
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