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Responding to Data Preservation Requirements in Europe

Understanding Obligations under Directorate-General for Competition Investigations

European organisations would be well advised to make sure they also have the capability to preserve data when obliged to do so. In some cases, companies doing business or with affiliates in the United States will incur preservation obligations arising from civil litigation. But perhaps more importantly, they must be prepared for potential investigations under the authority of the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission. 

Once organisations receive requests pursuant to an investigation, they should act with greater diligence and take all necessary steps to preserve evidence relevant to the investigation, while still complying with the requirements of the GDPR. In modern enterprises, with thousands of employees and complex data infrastructure, balancing these potentially conflicting requirements demands both documented processes and dedicated technology.

Download this whitepaper to learn: 

  • What is the Directorate-General of Competition and what is its mandate 
  • What does the obligation to preserve data during investigations entail 
  • How technology can assist in complying with these obligations and securing favourable outcomes

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