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Exterro for Legal Service Providers

Expand your service offerings, drive revenue, and increase client satisfaction with Exterro’s document review and privacy solutions.

Satisfy clients and win new business helping clients effectively manage data risk.

Combine your expertise with Exterro's industry-leading e-discovery, privacy and data governance, and cybersecurity compliance solutions to help your clients reduce data risk across their entire business. 

Crush deadlines with AI-powered document review. 

Exterro’s unmatched ingestion and processing speeds and AI-powered workflows make document review faster and more accurate. Leverage Exterro data privacy software to identify, map, and analyze client data, so they can confidently respond to data breaches and data subject access requests.

3 Keys to Building a Data Breach Document Review Business

Looking to expand your firm’s service offering to include or improve data breach response? This resource covers the best practices for law firms and legal service providers to help clients effectively respond to a data breach. 

Why Exterro?

Powered by AI

AI-generated summaries, translations, and labels guide reviewers to insight faster than ever. 

PII Identification

Smart Breach Review finds personal information and data subjects automatically, ensuring accuracy under tight incident response deadlines. 

Easy to Use

No expensive certifications or training courses required. Exterro software is easy to learn, use, and administer.

Customizable Workflows

Fully orchestrated e-discovery and privacy workflows ensure each project matches clients’ unique needs and preferences. 

Global leaders in e-discovery, privacy, and digital forensics consulting partner with Exterro.

E-Discovery Suite

Over 450 organizations trust Exterro’s powerful end-to-end software platform for their in-house e-discovery activities. Legal service providers can build credibility and deepen relationships with clients by managing document review projects and privacy activities in a system already trusted by their customers. 

Privacy Suite

Clients need legal service providers most when they are facing a crisis, and few can compare to the fallout from a data breach. Help your clients respond and navigate data breaches quickly and effectively with the Exterro Privacy Suite.

Resources for Legal Service Providers

Download our free resources below to see how Exterro can drive better results for your clients with e-discovery and privacy matters. 

Product Briefs

Exterro Review for Law Firms and Legal Service Providers

Exterro Review is the only solution that orchestrates and automates the entire e-discovery review process, significantly increasing the efficiency and accuracy of review operations while reducing the risks associated with human error.


Smart Breach Review Infographic

Learn about the key elements of data breach review so you're able to efficiently process documents for your clients.

Product Briefs

Smart Breach Review Data Sheet

Learn about the fastest and most accurate way to find personal information and data subjects for breach data reporting.

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Learn how Exterro can help you drive revenue and increase client satisfaction through elevated e-discovery and privacy compliance capabilities.

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