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  • Post Breach AI-Driven PII Detection & Identity Correlation
  • Comprehensive Orchestrated E-Discovery & Review Platform
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response
Learn how Exterro Review can help you orchestrate and automate your e-discovery review process

Exterro Review is the only solution that orchestrates and automates the entire e-discovery review process, significantly reducing the time and cost of review while eliminating risks associated with manual intervention required in other tools. Users can easily configure the process for each review project according to the unique needs of every stakeholder, from in-house legal departments, government agencies, external counsel and employees across your organization.

  • Blazingly fast DIY ingestion
  • Amazingly simple to use and configure
  • Powerful analytics and reporting
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Creating New Revenue Channels with a Legal GRC Approach


Powerful, fast, simple to use document review for all use cases – e-discovery, internal investigations, DSAR, Breach response and compliance.


Unify the entire e-discovery process, enabling users to get to the facts of clients' matters faster by reducing review time and defensibly achieving more positive outcomes.


Optimize your clients’ processes for defensibly identifying, finding, managing, deleting/retaining and protecting personal data stored throughout your organization.


Quickly identify PII/PHI/PCI within post breach data sets and correlate to known identities. Confidently create a defensible, consistent, documented incident or breach response process.

Digital Forensics

Deliver unparalleled digital investigative services via the market leading FTK® portfolio of products.

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