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Exterro for IT

Exterro delivers the solutions IT professionals require to  manage data risk for their organizations. From maintaining a current inventory to responding to security incidents, data breaches, e-discovery requests, and internal investigations, Exterro has you covered. 

Respond quickly when your organization needs your expertise.

Whatever the request – identifying the root cause of a security incident, discreetly accessing endpoint data related to an internal investigation, responding to an e-discovery request, or defensibly deleting data – Exterro empowers collaboration between IT and its stakeholders.

Featured Tech Guide: Conducting Remote Digital Forensic Investigations

Shipping or physically bringing devices into an office for updates or data collection aren’t viable IT policies in modern remote workplaces. To effectively protect your organization’s assets, you need a complete, accurate device inventory and the ability to investigate and remediate any device with remote endpoint agent technology.

Why Exterro?

Innovative Technology

Exterro delivers everything you need to support your organization’s data risk management obligations efficiently and defensibly.

Seamless Integrations

Exterro offers the industry’s largest set of integrations and connectors, ensuring smooth implementation and ongoing operation of our products.

Hardened Security

FedRAMP, SOC-II, TISAX and a host of other certifications demonstrate our commitment to ironclad security.

Endpoint Management

Exterro’s remote agent technology allows for covert preview and collection from on-network, off-network and MacOS endpoints without tipping off employees.

Digital Forensics Suite

When you need deep visibility into live data directly at the endpoint for investigations, discovery, or cybersecurity response, Exterro forensic solutions help you find relevant evidence faster.

Breach Response and Cybersecurity Compliance

Unfortunately, it’s more a question of when than if cybersecurity incidents happen. Ensure your response is fast, efficient, and defensible with Exterro. 

A woman looking through a magnifying glass A woman looking through a magnifying glass

E-Discovery suite

Reduce IT workloads and empower your organization’s legal to team to identify, preserve and collect data needed for litigation.

Privacy Suite

Enable your organization to easily build and maintain a defensible privacy program with Exterro privacy solutions.

One of the most important things with e-discovery is turnaround time. By moving this process in-house, an enterprise can do all the work themselves, avoiding reliance on a third-party vendor for processing and review, as well as issues with technology and communication.

Leo Balaban IT Security Analyst, University of Colorado

Featured Resources

Learn how Exterro products can help support IT professionals. 

Product Briefs

Exterro FTK® Enterprise Product Brief

Learn how you can conduct internal investigations and facilitate legal and regulatory compliance in enterprise environments with FTK Enterprise.

Product Briefs

Data Discovery Product Brief

Learn about Exterro Data Discovery, the fastest way to find, identify and classify personal information, determine data policy compliance, and calculate risk across your data landscape.

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