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Exterro for Cybersecurity Teams

Expose and investigate a variety of criminal and malicious activities, policy noncompliance, and cybersecurity risks across modern enterprise and governmental agency IT infrastructure.

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Stop risk in its tracks by analyzing cyber incidents and insider threats.

Understand how and why your organization’s data could be at risk of a security breach.  With Exterro’s portfolio of breach management and post-incident response solutions, you can identify root causes, remediate quickly, and meet compliance obligations.

Jumpstart your digital forensic investigations with these expert tips.

Organizations today face a more diverse and more dangerous array of cybersecurity threats than ever before. External bad actors might be deploying malware or ransomware, using phishing attacks, or breaching firewalls, while insider threats can often cause even more damage while remaining undetected. 

Cybersecurity teams need to be prepared to act quickly to understand what’s happening, contain the risks, and lessen the damage the business faces. This guidebook breaks down the most important data types to look for first to get a faster start in your investigation.

Be Prepared with Exterro

Endpoint Visibility

Gain deep insight into live data directly at the endpoint to quickly assess the impact and scope of potentially compromised assets.

Automated Collection

Integrations with SIEM and SOAR solutions give you the ability to automate the instant preservation of remote endpoint evidence upon detection of an intrusion.

Proactive Compliance

AI capabilities identify personal and sensitive data to ensure you can respond quickly, confidently, and in compliance with legal requirements if a breach occurs.

Hardened Security

FedRAMP, SOC-II, TISAX and other security certifications demonstrate our commitment to security, helping limit the damage bad actors can inflict. 

The most innovative companies trust Exterro for their cybersecurity compliance needs.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Suite

Ensure that you’re able to respond quickly, effectively, and defensibly to cybersecurity incidents or data breaches with Exterro technology.

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“Incident response has been accelerated through the ability of FTK Enterprise to collect from remote endpoints, and in fact, the tool has quickly gained recognition within the company.”

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Featured Cybersecurity Resources

Learn about the best practices and technology that can help your organization improve its cybersecurity compliance posture.

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