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Streamline Privacy Assessments and Minimize Data Risk

Streamline privacy and data risk assessments using built-in dynamic, automated questionnaires for risk detection and robust, collaborative workflows for efficient risk remediation and monitoring.

Industry leaders choose Exterro to manage their global privacy programs.

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Simplify and automate your privacy and data risk assessments.

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Exterro makes assessing and managing privacy and data risks straightforward, giving you clarity and control. Master privacy risk assessments and minimize data risks with Assessments Manager.

  • On-Demand Dynamic Assessments

    Efficiently perform assessments like Data Protection Impact Assessments, Third Party Risk Assessments, Transfer Impact Assessments, and AI Risk Assessments with dynamic, automated questionnaires. Organizations can also perform comprehensive framework gap analyses aligned with ISO and NIST standards or global regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, or LGPD. 

  • Automated, Intuitive Assessments Workflow

    Exterro Assessments Manager transforms risk assessments with an intuitive, automated workflow. This innovative approach replaces outdated surveys and facilitates collaboration among business users and privacy champions, leading to more efficient, more precise, and more comprehensive risk assessments. 

  • Powerful Risk Detection and Streamlined Remediation

    Exterro Assessments Manager automatically identifies risks and provides powerful, collaborative tools for risk remediation. This enables organizations to proactively and effectively mitigate privacy and data risks.

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Build and implement a process for defensible privacy and data risk assessments.

Exterro Assessment Manager is adeptly designed to address every aspect of the privacy and data risk assessment process. It identifies risks, tracks their remediation, and generates an audit trail, empowering organizations with a defensible response to legal requirements.

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Accelerate time to compliance with faster risk assessments.

Exterro Assessment Manager simplifies and speeds up risk assessments by intelligently identifying when sensitive personal data or other high-risk factors are involved, removing unnecessary questions, speeding up the assessment process, and automatically triggering required compliance actions. 

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Ensure compliance across the world with automated detection of global regulatory requirements.

Exterro Assessment Manager is powered by extensive privacy research, adeptly identifying regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions. As users conduct risk assessments, the tool flags relevant legal requirements and proactively initiates follow-up actions, like performing Transfer Impact Assessments, enabling compliance with global regulations and streamlining the risk assessment process.

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