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Streamline Privacy Compliance and Minimize Data Risk

Simplify and automate the record of processing and data mapping process with Exterro's dynamic, intelligent RoPA/Data Mapping solution, seamlessly integrated into your organization's workflows and infrastructure.

The world’s most discerning companies trust Exterro for privacy and data governance.

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Meet legal requirements efficiently with automated, intelligent privacy compliance.

Exterro RoPA/Data Mapping automates and simplifies the record of processing activities and data mapping process, efficiently flagging risks, streamlining workflows, and enabling ongoing compliance with diverse privacy laws, including the GDPR.

  • Defensible Records of Processing Activities

    Create a comprehensive and accurate record of processing activities and data map and produce dynamic, regulator-ready reports, enabling a defensible response to global privacy requirements.

  • Intuitive, Efficient Workflows

    Exterro's powerful rules engine helps eliminate redundant questions and automatically identifies sensitive data and vulnerable data subjects, significantly reducing the time spent inputting information to build a record of processing activities and data map. 

  • Enforce Policies and Flag Risks

    A configurable policy rules engine enables users to identify violations and automatically enforce compliance with privacy, security, and other internal policies.

Stay in compliance with the constantly evolving landscape of privacy legal requirements.

Streamline the time-intensive task of creatinge a record of processing activities and data map. Leverage intelligent workflows to automate and simplify the process of building highly accurate RoPAs, data maps, and reports, accelerating compliance with various global privacy regulations. 

Identify relevant regulations in real-time as users navigate through their workflows.

Exterro's RoPA/Data Mapping identifies relevant regulations in real-time as users navigate through their workflows. Integrated seamlessly with Exterro Data Discovery, it provides a thorough and accurate picture of your organizations’ data, helps maintain an accurate and comprehensive record of processing activities, and assures compliance with privacy regulations.

Intelligently and automatically manage the complexities of cross-border data transfers

Exterro RoPA/Data Mapping  automatically identifies and categorizes data transfers, using the details provided in the records of processing activities. It provides insights about the appropriate safeguards needed, such as adequacy decisions or data processing agreements, facilitating compliance with international regulations. Reduce the administrative workload and potential risks associated with handling data across borders while ensuring compliance.



"They ask the right questions—not just, ‘what’s your process, but how do your records relate to industry standards? To global standards?’ It puts you in a better position to defend your practices." 

Paul Richardson, Director of Contracts and Compliance
Paul Richardson Director of Contracts and Compliance, Verra Mobility


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