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Eliminate Risk Caused by Employee Status Changes

Employee Change Monitor proactively detects changes in employee status and automatically takes appropriate actions in response, ensuring you remain compliant with discovery requirements.

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Save time by automating disparate business processes across your organization with Employee Change Monitor.

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Create efficiencies and reduce risk by managing organizational change.

Employee Change Monitor can facilitate three distinct outcomes–either individually or in combination with each other. For example, when an employee on an active legal hold leaves the organization, you can automatically:

  • Generate and assign tasks

    Create a task for IT to take a snapshot of the email account and preserve their hard drive and relevant documents on the network.

  • Send system notifications

    Notify Records Management of the change in employment status, so they can take appropriate actions.

  • Execute automated system actions

    Release the employee from any active legal holds automatically, eliminating manual effort and tracking for the legal department

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Use managed workflows to assign tasks and increase collaboration.

Tasks can be assigned to individuals or to people who have been assigned to a defined role, such as matter team member. Once completed, they can update the status to keep authorized users informed.

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Be confident in the defensibility of your process with a complete audit trail.

Each detected event, automated action, and assigned task within Employee Change Monitor is time-stamped and recorded to provide a complete audit trail that documents how each employee status change was managed.

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"My favorite feature is the Employee Change Monitor…it has allowed us to automate things that we never ever thought we would be able to automate."

Tara Jones, Legal Services Manager
Tara Jones Legal Services Manager, E-Discovery at Verizon Media

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