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Exterro for Forensic Investigators

The FTK Forensic Toolkit guides investigators directly to key evidence to solve complex cases faster.

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Investigate digital wrongdoing and find key evidence faster.

FTK simply finds the data that other tools can’t. FTK’s reliable, scalable processing engine gets more evidence into the hands of examiners in less time, allowing them to dig deeper into their data and solve cases faster.  Create custom Python scripts, decrypt files, recover and crack passwords, parse registry files, and carve data to recover deleted evidence, and more.

Featured Resource: The Basics of Digital Forensics 

Exterro’s Basics of Digital Forensics explores the why, how, and what of digital forensic investigations, conducted both by law enforcement and private sector investigators.  

If you’d like to learn more about the process of conducting an investigation, along with more tips from experts, check out Exterro’s webinar series, The Masters of Digital Forensics

The Exterro Digital Forensics Advantage

Artifact Analysis

Quickly locate and analyze key artifacts like images, videos, messages, web activity, system data, passwords, and geolocations to build an evidence story.

System Summary Parsing

FTK parses Windows and Mac registry files that capture the timeline of actions a user takes. See every application opened, internet activity performed, networks connected to, and where and when the activity occurred.

Remote Collection

Perform discreet remote agent collection from on-network, off-network, and MacOS endpoints, as well as cloud data sources, for routine investigations and incident response.

Mobile Data Workflows

FTK supports native unprocessed UFD extractions from mobile devices provided by tools like Cellebrite, Oxygen, XRY or GrayKey.  Review chat messages from apps like Twitter and WhatsApp, reconstructed in their near-native view to quickly interpret the conversation.

The most innovative digital forensics companies partner with Exterro.

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FTK Digital Forensics Suite

No matter the type of forensic investigation, there’s an FTK Tool designed specifically for your investigative workflow – all with the industry’s fastest processing engine for repeatable, defensible, forensically-sound collection and analysis.

"FTK 8.0 can benefit both individual investigators and forensic lab teams, allowing them to uncover evidence twice as fast which allows their agency to indict sooner and close cases faster, all without increasing examiners’ workloads."

Wayne Mitchell Retired FBI Senior Forensic Examiner, and current VP of Cyber Risk at Kroll, U.S. Dept of Justice


Learn How Exterro FTK Helps Forensic Investigators

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