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Identify and Analyze ESI before Collection

AI-powered early case assessment delivers deep insight into data prior to collection, then combines collection and processing in a seamless process that allows you to begin reviewing relevant data sooner.

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Get to the facts of the matter faster, so you can make better decisions.

Eliminate the downstream costs of over-collection. Exterro is the only solution that identifies responsive data prior to collection, reducing time and money spent on data storage and document review.

  • AI-Powered insights

    Save time and effort with Contextual Insights’ AI-powered ability to quickly identify and investigate responsive data across custodians and data sets.

  • Faster time-to-review

    Exterro combines collection and processing into one step, so you can begin reviewing documents as soon as you initiate a collection.

Exterro’s responsible AI helps users quickly identify and investigate responsive data across custodians and data sets.

Contextual Insights exposes the relationships between custodians and content both pre- and post-collection. Drastically reduce the time and expense of document review by narrowing the scope of data and yielding highly relevant search terms faster than the competition.

Conduct targeted one-click collections with ease.

Perform targeted collections and full e-discovery document review with one click, and collect only the files identified as relevant during the early case assessment.

Collect from 50+ data sources, all without leaving the Exterro platform.

Exterro connects to an ever growing list of over 50 on-premises and cloud-based data sources including Microsoft, Google, Slack, Zoom, and more, eliminating the need to request collection support from multiple stakeholders.

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Exterro partners with leading technology and service providers.

Partner with industry-leading law firms, consultancies, and technology providers to ensure that your Exterro solutions work seamlessly within your existing technology infrastructure and workflows.

 “Should you invest in Smart ECA capabilities?“People should ask themselves can they really afford not to? Can you afford not to know about the case early? Can you afford not to have a way tocull down that data to save money on review and storage?”

Linda Luperchio, Assistant Vice President Information Governance
Linda Luperchio Assistant Vice President, Information Governance and E-Discovery, The Hanover Insurance Group

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