Data Subject Access Request

Easily manage and orchestrate the entire data subject access request process

Features & Capabilities

Dynamic Request Portal with Automated Identity Verification
Dynamic Request Portal with Automated Identity Verification

Consumers, employees, prospective employees or contractors can easily submit requests using the portal . Customizable workflows and strong security provide secure two-way communication with any data subject. Multiple identity verification methods are supported out of the box. The portal automatically displays request status information, eliminating unnecessary support interactions.

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Configurable, Automated Workflows
Configurable, Automated Workflows

Robust workflow can orchestrate processes across complex organizations and data landscapes. Automation coordinates people and processes throughout the organization, including automated search, collection, redaction and review. Realtime status provides visibility of escalations, aging, and issues.

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Comprehensive Information Search, Collection, Review and Redaction
Comprehensive Information Search, Collection, Review and Redaction

Automatically search, collect and redact information. Workflow manages the process and can execute these tasks either manually or automatically. Review and produce responses quickly using Exterro’s industry-leading review system. Advanced analytics provide visibility and cost estimates.

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Delivery of Requested Information
Delivery of Requested Information

Once all the information has been reviewed, Exterro offers the ability to easily package and return the documents to the requestor. Automated workflow facilitates communication back to the data subject once the document file is ready.

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DSAR Cost Calculator

Calculate the true cost of fulfilling consumer data requests at your organization

Basic Metrics
No. of Data Access Requests/Month
No. of Data Deletion Requests/Month (RTBF)
No. of Applications Containing Personal Data
No. of Third Parties Processing Personal Data
No. of Manual (Paper) Locations
No. of Records Per Data Location
Total Annual Cost

Note: This calculator is for informational purposes only. For additonal information and pricing, please contact a sales representative.

Time taken to Collect Records from 1 application(minutes) Time taken to Collect Records from 1 third party(minutes) Time taken to Collect Records from 1 paper location(minutes) Delete/Anonymize data from 1 application(minutes) RTBF Confirmation with 1 Third-Parties (minutes) Time taken to redact 1 Record(minutes) View/update defaults
Support Team Burden Rate*
Paralegal/Administrative Staff/Year $
System Administrator/Year $
Privacy Officer / Attorney /Year $

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