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2023 DSAR Readiness Benchmarking Report

Recent years have seen more and more states and nations passing privacy legislation and enacting regulations. Consumers have welcomed their new rights of control over their personal data, which often includes the ability to request that organizations provide a comprehensive overview of what data they hold, for how long, how they are using it, and with whom it is being shared.

These requests are known as data subject access requests, or DSARs for short. To remain in compliance with these regulations, organizations must have processes and technology in place to respond within a 30- to 60-day window.

In the spirit of educating the legal market, Exterro recently conducted a survey polling in-house legal and privacy professionals on their organizations’ privacy technology and processes. This report is the result of that survey.

Download it now to learn:

  • How organizations are building and managing their data inventories
  • What capabilities organizations have to take in and process DSARs
  • How widely organizations are using privacy technology to comply with regulations