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Law Enforcement Teams

Manage criminal investigations with the industry-leading FTK Forensic Toolkit, designed to lead examiners directly to key evidence to solve complex cases faster.

Zero in on key artifacts and get evidence into examiners' hands faster. 

As law enforcement teams grapple with the increasing digital footprint for every investigation, evidence processing delays and case backlogs are growing exponentially. The speed of the Exterro FTK processing engine combined with its intuitive interface allows investigators to quickly review every type of artifact in a single solution, helping them uncover key evidence twice as fast.

Jumpstarting Criminal Investigations with FTK

Modern day criminal cases have a web of evidence that spans multiple devices, social media platforms, cloud data storage, and more. Every crime has a digital footprint from text messages or emails, to photographic or video evidence, location data, and internet searches. Examiners have to sift through these mountains of digital artifacts to find the truth.  

This guidebook breaks down the most important data types to look for first to get a faster start in your investigation.

Why Exterro FTK Solutions?

Forensic Collection

Create forensically-sound full-disk images of local hard drives, plus CDs and DVDs, thumb drives or other USB devices. Generate hash reports and mount images.

Collaborative Review

Centralize evidence on a web-based platform where frontline investigators can collaborate within agencies and across jurisdictions.

Artifact Analysis

Quickly locate and analyze key artifacts like images, videos, messages, timelines, web activity, passwords, and geolocations to build an evidence story.

Workflow Automation

Get cases to examiners in half the time by automating key processes like processing, case creation, searches, labels and exports – all without complex API scripting.

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Digital Forensics Digital Forensics

FTK Digital Forensics Suite

No matter the type of forensic investigation, there’s an award-winning, court-cited FTK Solution designed specifically for your investigative workflow – all with the industry’s fastest processing engine for repeatable, defensible, forensically-sound collection and analysis. FTK Solutions find the data that other tools can’t.

"FTK 8.0 can benefit both individual investigators and forensic lab teams, allowing them to uncover evidence twice as fast which allows their agency to indict sooner and close cases faster, all without increasing examiners’ workloads."

Wayne Mitchell Retired FBI Senior Forensic Examiner, and current VP of Cyber Risk at Kroll, U.S. Dept of Justice

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