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Make Complex E-Discovery and Legal Projects Simple

Fully integrated into our data risk management platform, Exterro Legal Project Management provides your team with repeatable and defensible best practices for your legal and e-discovery obligations.

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Exterro Legal Project Management

A man in glasses is looking at a computer screen A man in glasses is looking at a computer screen

Build repeatable, defensible workflows that match the processes your in-house team, service providers, or law firms use to ensure the best possible legal outcomes.

  • Save Time with Templates

    Make your process more efficient with configurable templates, or create your custom workflow. Out-of-the-box process templates include Collection Tracking, Matter Intake, and Request Management.

  • Simplify Day-to-Day Work

    Empower your team to move quickly without missing a beat with job aids like custom interview templates, step by step instructions, and checklists.

  • Increase Visibility and Track Progress

    Monitor progress, identify problems, and gain analytic insight with real-time dashboards and advanced reporting. Use project notes to streamline communication between internal and external teams. 

A woman wearing glasses is looking at a computer screen

Increase internal visibility and ensure deadlines are met with intuitive management dashboards. 

Intelligent dashboards update in real time, so you are always equipped with the most recent information about your ongoing legal matters, including custodians, activities, and timelines. Gain visibility into problem areas that may require prompt attention and act on them immediately.

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Improve collaboration and eliminate fire drills with external partners.

Exterro Legal Project Management coordinates all stakeholder activities, connecting internal project members, third-party providers, and external law firms with fully defensible, auditable workflows, built-in collaboration and communication, and documented processes. 

“We have decentralized legal departments and autonomous subsidiary companies, so having a process for e-discovery that’s centralized allows us to standardize. And once something is standardized, then you have the opportunity to look at where the areas for improvement might be.”

Nancy Maihot, Legal IT Project Lead
Nancy Maihot Legal IT Project Lead, UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP.

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