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Driving Innovation through Responsible AI

Exterro offers more ways to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning across our data risk management platform than our competition - and we’ve been doing it for much longer.

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Introducing Exterro Assist: The Future of Data Risk Management

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Exterro Assist allows users to interact more naturally within the Exterro system, using their own natural language to ask for data or execute system tasks. Users make requests by typing into the Exterro Assist box within the user interface, and it retrieves the requested information or completes the requested task.

Here are a few specific examples of instructions users can give to Exterro Assist when using Exterro Legal Hold.

  • "Turn off escalation notices to the C-Suite."

    Automate actions for e-discovery purposes to save time and complete actions as soon as they are conceptualized. 

  • “Show me all custodians terminated in the last seven days.”

    Hunt for data more precisely and find the information you care about faster, saving time and energy.

  • "How do I release all custodians on a legal hold?"

    Ask Exterro Assist for guidance and step-by-step instructions to quickly and easily understand how to effectively navigate within the Exterro platform. 

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Look deep into case data with AI-powered Contextual Insights.

AI-powered Contextual Insights exposes the contextual relationships between custodians and content, narrowing the scope of data and yielding highly relevant search terms. Users are also shown a robust communication map to understand communication trends and concept clusters to assist in more accurately scoping data, either before or after collecting ESI.

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Automatically translate foreign languages and transcribe audio during data processing and review.

Exterro Review uses AI to automatically translate, transcribe, and redact foreign language speech and text for faster and more accurate review. Audio files can also be automatically transcribed and redacted using AI in Exterro Review, saving hours of listening time for reviewers.

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Finish extensive document review projects faster than ever with Summarization and Smart Labeling.

With Smart Labeling, built-in AI observes how users apply labels to a sample set, then applies labels to a larger document pool, while queueing the next most-likely relevant documents for review by human attorneys. Reviewers can also leverage document summaries to determine responsiveness more quickly.

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Accelerate forensic investigations with image and video recognition.

The AI capabilities in the FTK Suite can speed up investigations and help investigators to draw connections without looking through every image or thumbnail. It automatically finds objects such as people, guns, or drugs in still photos and videos, while FTK’s Explicit Image Detection can identify skin tones within images, which can aid in identifying victims faster in CSAM investigations.

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