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Working with Microsoft Data Has Never Been Easier

Easily detect all custodian owned and collaborative Office 365 data sources, quickly highlight communication patterns, build and save multiple searches, and effortlessly collect data in just a few clicks.

The world’s most respected companies work with Exterro.

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Streamline e-discovery processes with our seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365.

Gain insight by identifying critical information from custodian data stored in Microsoft Office 365 faster than ever--even prior to collection.

  • Quickly Identify Custodian Data Sources

    Hone in on potentially responsive documents with our consolidated views of all the custodian Office 365 data sources, including data volumes, email folder structures, and owned and shared OneDrive folders and SharePoint sites.

  • Highlight Potentially Relevant Custodians

    Quickly identify additional custodians by reviewing rank order lists of employees with data highly correlated to that of identified custodians.

  • Detect Custodian Relationships

    Visually explore communication patterns between custodians and others within your organization to identify additional custodians and add them to a matter or legal hold with a few simple clicks.

Exterro Office 365 Explorer guides you to relevant data faster than the competition. 

Once you have identified the responsive Office 365 data for your matter, preserve it in place or collect and process it for review with just a few clicks. 

Easily create and save searches within Office 365 data.

Create, save, and compare complex search scenarios against one another, giving you the insight necessary to determine your best data management strategy for a given matter.

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