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Exterro Privacy and Data Governance Suite

Establish, monitor, and maintain a defensible privacy and data governance program and effectively minimize data risk.

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Streamline, optimize, and automate privacy and data governance processes to meet global regulatory requirements and minimize data risk.

Navigate the complexities of evolving privacy laws and data regulations using Exterro's comprehensive Privacy and Data Governance Suite. Designed to streamline and optimize your compliance processes, the integrated platform is powered by deep insight derived from intelligent data discovery. Establish and maintain a robust, defensible privacy and data governance program that aligns with regulatory standards and minimizes data risk.

Exterro Privacy Products

Exterro Privacy Differentiators

Unified Solution

Manage all your privacy compliance activities in a unified solution infused with insight from AI-powered data discovery, seamlessly integrated with your technology infrastructure. 

Enabled by AI

AI-powered Exterro Assist provides real-time insights and guidance to users and offers timely, intelligent support across privacy and data governance workflows.

Trusted Experience

With decades of experience in privacy and data governance, our platform and team are the choice of leading global companies navigating complex regulatory landscapes. 


Built on extensive privacy research, our platform simplifies complex tasks like managing global data subject rights requests, risk assessments, and data retention requirements.

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Exterro’s vast partner community means you have access to the services and technology you need for success.

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Featured Privacy Resources

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Learn about four steps In-house counsel's should take to ensure compliance with new global privacy regulations.

Product Briefs

Data Discovery Product Brief

Learn about Exterro Data Discovery, the fastest way to find, identify and classify personal information, determine data policy compliance, and calculate risk across your data landscape.

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