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The Basics of Digital Forensics

For many people, the introduction to the world of digital forensics might come through popular culture. For decades, movies, television, and even video games have delved into the world of hackers exploiting computer systems and the crime-solving computer sleuths working to stop them. But of course that’s not really a realistic depiction of the world of digital forensics.

Hackers are hardly the only evil-doers targeted in digital forensic investigations. With the explosion of digital devices, almost every crime has a digital component, even if it’s just a smartphone that might hold secrets to unlocking a criminal’s whereabouts or intentions. And that means that more than ever there’s demand for skilled digital forensic investigators.

Exterro’s Basics of Digital Forensics serves as a brief introduction to the field. Compiled from five recent whitepapers, it explores the why, how, and what of digital forensic investigations, conducted both by law enforcement and private sector investigators. Hopefully it will give you a taste of this exciting professional discipline–one that inspires you to learn more!

Download the Basics of Digital Forensics to learn:

  • Why the discipline of digital forensics is so important today
  • What process investigators follow when they're conducting a digital forensic investigation
  • What technologies digital forensics professionals use to do their jobs