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Overcome the Top 5 Challenges of Building a Comprehensive and Defensible Data Inventory

Today, organizations control more data, of a wider variety of types, sourced from a wider variety of technologies than ever before.To get business value out of all this data, organizations must first understand what it is, where it is, and what they use it for. 

They also need to secure the data against cybersecurity threats like data breaches and ransomware attacks and manage the data in a matter that complies with the complex patchwork of state, national, and international privacy regulations. In short, modern organizations must create and maintain an accurate data inventory. But data mapping is complex and challenging. There are numerous pitfalls to avoid. It requires time, human resources, and technology, so doing it efficiently is key. 

Download this quick guide to learn:

  • How to build a business case for creating a data inventory
  • What the most common challenges to building a defensible data inventory are
  • How to overcome those challenges during the data inventory process