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Building a Defensible Data Inventory

The Foundation of Data Intelligence

Data is everywhere: in databases of both customer and employee information, of course; on network drives, laptops, smartphones (corporate and BYOD), and other pieces of hardware; in cloud software, cloud-based data lakes, and filesharing programs; and in emails, text messages, communication platforms, and spreadsheets. But now, with increasing data privacy and data protection regulations emerging seemingly every day, much of this data is subject to stringent requirements that vary across jurisdictions.

Knowing your data is the foundation for effectively using and protecting it. But gaining this knowledge is difficult in a fragmented data landscape, with diverse data formats, schema, and metadata systems. The answer is to build and maintain a data inventory that meets the demands of the modern enterprise—one that informs everything from digital transformation initiatives to privacy and regulatory compliance.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why an up-to-date data inventory is essential to your organization
  • How to develop a defensible data inventory that meets your organization's needs
  • How technology can support the creation and maintenance of an accurate data inventory