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3 Keys to Building a Data Breach Document Review Business

Clients need their attorneys most when they are in a moment of crisis. For law firms and legal service providers (LSPs) working with corporate clients, there are few crises that compare to the fallout from a data breach. With direct financial, regulatory, and reputational costs looming over them, clients need to count on their law firm partners to give solid advice, mitigate the risks they are facing, and comply with the legal requirements of reporting on the breach to authorities and data subjects alike. One critical way that law firms and LSPs can support their clients and deepen their relationships with them is by managing document review projects related to data breaches.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Why document review projects are so critical for organizations that have experienced a data breach
  • How document review for data breach response is different than document review for litigation
  • How to think about the people-process-technology triad for data breach document review