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Defensible Cross-Border Data Transfers: Understanding the Legal Framework

If, as the saying goes, “data is the new oil”, then international data transfers are the pipelines and supertankers that ensure the global economy operates smoothly without interruption. Data transfers contribute to vital business operations: communicating with customers and understanding their preferences, identifying opportunities for innovation and new offerings, creating efficiencies in operations, and making sound strategic decisions. But data transfers can pose risk to organisations as well.

While the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation stands tallest among the many regulations that govern these international data flows, other national, international, and sectoral regulations, as well as courts’ interpretations of these regulations, play a critical role in determining what transfers of data are legal. International businesses must pay keen attention to this complex web of regulations to understand if their business operations are legal and defensible–and be able to demonstrate their compliance on demand.

Download this whitepaper to learn

  • Clear definitions of key concepts concerning cross-border data transfers 
  • Explanations of regulatory and other mechanisms for cross-border data transfers 
  • Best practices for ensuring your organization remains compliant with regulatory requirements

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