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The Comprehensive Guide to Document Review, 3rd Edition

New Trends Disrupting the Traditional Review Process

A number of trends are converging to make the demand for document review services—whether conducted in-house, by law firms, or by legal service providers—higher than ever. Data volumes are increasing, and data sources are multiplying. The frequency of civil litigation involving enterprise-scale organizations is holding firm, if not increasing. Between litigation, regulatory actions, data breach response, and internal investigations, there are more use cases than ever for document review.

Whether for civil litigation or another type of investigation, document review projects cost significant amounts of money—almost three quarters of all e-discovery costs arise during document review. This guide offers useful advice and concrete steps you can take to streamline document review projects, save time and money, and achieve better outcomes.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • How to ensure the defensibility and efficiency of your projects
  • How to measure success in document review projects
  • How one Exterro client benefited from bringing review in-house

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