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April 13, 2024 | FTK OVER THE AIR


Justin and Farand discuss various topics related to digital forensics and the upcoming IASIS conference. They cover the increase in specialized classes and the addition of an advanced mobile class at the conference. They also talk about the importance of human judgment in forensic work and the limitations of AI in the field. The conversation touches on the impact of encryption and cloud forensics, as well as the privacy concerns and legal ramifications associated with these technologies. This conversation covers various topics related to the use of AI in digital forensics and investigations. It explores the potential of using large language models to assist in writing warrants and the importance of validation and interpretation in the process. The conversation also explores the shortcuts and efficiency techniques that investigators can employ in their workflows. It highlights the potential conflict between supervisors and investigators in adopting new technologies and emphasizes the significance of documentation and note-taking in investigations. The conversation further discusses the balance between digital and physical police work and the value of an investigative mindset. 


  • IACIS conference offers a wide range of specialized classes for digital forensics professionals.
  • Human judgment and validation are crucial in forensic work, even with the use of AI.
  • AI can be a useful tool for quick triage and finding information, but it has limitations and should be used in conjunction with human examination.
  • Encryption and cloud-based systems present challenges for digital forensics, and legal considerations are necessary when accessing data in these environments. AI can be used to assist in writing warrants and affidavits, providing accurate and in-depth language that can save time and improve efficiency.
  • Validation and interpretation are crucial in the writing of warrants, ensuring that the language is accurate and the facts are supported.
  • Investigators can employ shortcuts and efficiency techniques in their workflows, but it is important to stick to known information and focus on building the puzzle pieces.
  • The balance between digital and physical police work is essential, as both play a significant role in investigations.
  • Documentation and note-taking are key in investigations, providing a detailed record of the process and aiding in the analysis of evidence.
  • An investigative mindset and human judgment are invaluable in digital forensics, as they allow for critical thinking and creativity in solving cases.
  • Training organizations should stay the course and focus on teaching the fundamentals, while also incorporating new technologies and techniques.
  • Teaching and learning in the field of forensics provide opportunities for growth and knowledge sharing, allowing for the exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • Networking and collaboration at conferences like IASIS offer valuable connections and insights from experts in the field.
  • Despite advancements in AI, humans still play a crucial role in digital forensics, bringing their expertise, judgment, and creativity to investigations.


00:00 Introduction and Small Talk

03:05 IACIS Conference Overview

04:02 Advanced Mobile Class

05:19 Number of Classes at IACIS

06:28 Vendor Support and Student Focus

07:36 The Importance of Human Judgment in Forensics

08:38 The Role of AI in Forensic Workflows

13:42 The Limitations of AI in Forensics

16:32 The Good Applications of AI in Forensics

28:59 Privacy Concerns and Legal Ramifications

33:12 Using AI to Assist in Writing Warrants

36:40 Validation and Interpretation in Writing Warrants

39:15 Shortcuts and Efficiency in Investigations

41:46 Potential Conflict Between Supervisors and Investigators

44:20 The Importance of Documentation and Note-Taking

46:25 Balancing Digital and Physical Police Work

49:16 The Role of Digital Forensics in Investigations

51:03 The Value of Investigative Mindset and Human Judgment

52:35 The Impact of Automation and AI on Training Organizations

57:01 The Benefits of Teaching and Learning in Forensics

59:21 Networking and Collaboration at IACIS

01:02:12 The Role of Humans in Digital Forensics

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