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October 2, 2023 | FTK OVER THE AIR

In this episode, Justin and Lynne are joined by Keven Hendricks, founder of the Ubivis Project, a website dedicated to combating the ever-growing scourge of “dark web” narcotics poisoning our communities. Teenagers and adults are flocking to the dark web to (easily!) buy illegal drugs--many of them overdosing and dying--and yet law enforcement is not doing enough to investigate. The drug trade is soaring in the shadows, so let's unpack what the dark web really is. Hint: ANYONE can access it easily, it's not just for criminals or tech-savvy hackers. While there are important positive uses of the dark web infrastructure, hear how Keven is working hard to bring light to the dark side of the dark web by stopping the sale of drugs and saving lives.

You can learn so much more at

And Keven urges you submit anonymous tips at if you or a loved one has been affected by an overdose.

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