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Digital Forensics

The Revolution in Digital Forensics Has Arrived!

September 22, 2023

Exterro is excited to announce the launch of FTK 8.0, the newest version of the digital forensics industry's gold standard for software, Exterro FTK® Forensic Toolkit, coming on Monday, September 25th! FTK, the award-winning, court-cited digital investigations solution built for speed, stability, and ease of use,  delivers powerful time-saving automations to help agencies accelerate forensic workflows in order to close cases faster and the fastest scalable processing engine on the market, powering individual investigators and large-scale government agencies alike. 

We're rolling out the red carpet (and more!) with the product getting a high profile unveiling on our livestream on the big day, September 25th. In fact, if you're reading this before noon Eastern time, you still have a chance to sign up here and watch as Director of Product, Harsh Behl; Digital Forensics Evangelist, Justin Tolman; Product Manager, Dan Carroll, and Exterro CEO and Founder Bobby Balachandran introduce the product and talk about all the great features it offers corporate and law enforcement investigators alike! Heck, in a first for Exterro, you can even buy the product in our store, which also opened on the 25th.

8.0 offers investigators a number of great features, but far and away the coolest is our all-new, intuitive interface, which guides users to the key evidence they need to see to quickly understand the facts at hand in any digital investigation. These features include:

  • New User Interface: FTK’s intuitive new interface design makes it easier for both experienced investigators and non-technical users to navigate within the software, dramatically reducing the learning curve. Eliminate the hours spent manually digging for the data types you’re interested in. FTK 8.0 intelligently categorizes and displays data artifacts to help you pinpoint key evidence FASTER. Bypass irrelevant data and quickly locate important evidence like images, videos, messages, timelines, websites, passwords, and dark web activity. The intuitive new interface highlights them all in plain sight for easy review. It even has DARK MODE to reduce eyestrain!
  • Reimagined Multimedia Review: Effortlessly pivot through multimedia case evidence using FTK’s new Thumbnail View for images and video. Simply hover over each thumbnail to enlarge the image, then click to view the image properties and metadata. Thumbnails can be grouped and filtered by attributes such as file name, date, file extension type, image size, device make and model, making it incredibly easy to isolate pictures of interest, such as those taken by a particular mobile device within a specified time frame.
  • Industry-Exclusive Mini Timelines: FTK 8.0 also provides more context around the data, making it easy for you to trace the path from where an image originated to where (and to whom) it was sent, effectively reconstructing the activity leading up to and following the creation of the image. See related images and messages that occurred around the same time that the image was created, displayed in a Mini Timeline View. For example, see phone calls made before the image was taken, then view SMS text activity showing to whom the picture was sent afterward.
  • Smart Grid: Stop spending countless hours endlessly scrolling through an antiquated data grid. With FTK’s new Smart Grid, we’ve made filtering as simple as it can get! Technical and non-technical users alike can easily build complex compound filters to locate key evidence faster.  Smart Grid is a visual way to create compound filters for your evidence set with just a few clicks. The Smart Grid view shows you every data point that is POSSIBLE to filter on. Each column in the grid represents metadata such as file type, file size, created date, creator name, geographic location, and more. To build a Smart Grid filter, simply click on the metadata values in one or more columns that you want to filter on. For example, want to see just the larger sized pictures? Easily isolate .mpeg images over 10GB in size in just three clicks.
  • And much more, including all the classic FTK features veteran investigators know and love.

We even have an endorsement from an investigator who should know--a former FBI investigator who now works as a VP for Kroll, Wayne Mitchell.  “With the speed of the new FTK 8.0 processing engine, we can get the data into the hands of [our] expert investigators faster – often on the same day,” said Wayne Mitchell, a former FBI Senior Forensic Examiner currently serving as Vice President of Cyber Risk at Kroll. “The interface is easy to understand, and the artifacts are automatically categorized and organized so you’re able to dive right into the investigation and build the story the evidence is showing. FTK 8.0 cuts out all the time needed to manually find the artifacts and piece it all together.”

Check it out today!

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