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Introducing FTK® 8.0
A Revolution in Forensic Review

Solve complex cases faster with FTK's brand new interface designed to lead investigators directly to key evidence.

Eliminate the hours spent manually digging for the data types you’re interested in. FTK 8.0 intelligently categorizes and displays data artifacts to help you pinpoint key evidence FASTER.

Brand New User Interface

FTK’s intuitive new interface design makes it easier for both experienced investigators and non-technical users to navigate within the software, dramatically reducing the learning curve. Bypass irrelevant data and quickly locate important evidence like images, videos, messages, timelines, websites, passwords, and dark web activity. The intuitive new interface highlights them all in plain sight for easy review.

Reimagined Multimedia Review

Effortlessly pivot through multimedia case evidence using FTK’s new Thumbnail View for images and video. Hover over each thumbnail to enlarge the image, then click to view the image properties and metadata. Easily isolate pictures of interest, such as those taken by a particular mobile device within a specified time frame.

Dark Mode

Make your time spent in front of the computer screen more comfortable. Choose between light mode and NEW dark mode to reduce digital eye strain and improve concentration.

Contextual Mini-Timeline

FTK 8.0 also provides more context around the data, making it easy for you to trace the path from where an image originated to where (and to whom) it was sent, effectively reconstructing the activity leading up to and following the creation of the image. See related images and messages that occurred around the same time that the image was created, displayed in a Mini Timeline View. For example, see phone calls made before the image was taken, then view SMS text activity showing to whom the picture was sent afterward.

Artifact-Based Filter Panel

Cull massive data sets to narrow the scope of your investigation. Instead of manually creating complex data filters, the FTK Filter Panel automatically categorizes and highlights the artifacts you typically look for first as you begin your review. FTK 8.0 neatly categorizes artifacts like mobile data, chat apps, emails, pictures, videos, and system summary files for quick and easy review.

Highlight Artifacts

This feature presents the most important data upfront, highlighting the anomalies and most relevant case evidence. Quickly identify a device user’s recently accessed files, connected USB devices, AirDrop activity, remote desktop sessions, dark web activity, downloads, CSAM URLs visited, Apple and Google Map activity, saved credit cards, saved passwords, and more!

Smart Grid

Stop spending countless hours endlessly scrolling through an antiquated data grid! With FTK’s new visual Smart Grid, users of all skill levels can easily build complex compound filters to locate key evidence faster. The Smart rid view shows you every data point that is POSSIBLE to filter on. To build a filter, simply click on the metadata values in one or more columns that you want to filter on.

Super Timeline View

FTK’s new Super Timeline View creates a visual representation of case evidence by piecing together timestamps, logs, actions, and other artifacts in a single view. Reveal patterns in the evidence and pinpoint where to begin your analysis with this intuitive representation of complex data sets.

Use Super Timeline Comparison Mode to compare two different dates or devices side by side to identify anomalies, find correlations, and uncover overlaps in communication, movement, or shared contacts. Answer key questions like, “What did this person do differently on the day of the incident?” to paint a complete picture of what really happened.

Mobile Data Processing

Now you can leverage FTK’s processing engine for computer data and mobile data! FTK 8.0 supports native unprocessed UFD extractions from mobile devices provided by tools like Cellebrite, Oxygen, XRY or GrayKey. Process and parse mobile data directly in FTK for lightning-fast review.

With the fastest scalable processing engine on the market, FTK can cut through mobile evidence up to 15.7 times faster than tools like Magnet Axiom. And by processing and parsing both mobile and computer evidence in a single FTK database, investigators can speed through review and analysis by finding common connections across data sources.

Investigator Wellness

Our new Multimedia Review reduces repeated exposure to sensitive content. Investigators can more quickly and accurately categorize CSAM images per Project Vic and CAID standards. Stack duplicates by hashes or photo DNA to reduce the number of images you need to look at, making it much easier to pinpoint the most important ones in your case. Blur or hide explicit images that have been viewed or tagged already, or choose to turn the sound off when viewing videos.

FTK Connect Automation for Law EnforcementAgencies

Automate manual workflows so you can focus on reviewing evidence and closing cases faster!

Eliminate time spent waiting for jobs to be completed and get cases to examiners in half the time by using FTK Connect to automate case creation, evidence processing, searching and labeling results, exporting data and more all without any user interaction.

With its dramatically simplified interface, users of all skills levels can create powerful time- and money-saving automations without complicated scripting.

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What Customers Are Saying

FTK is now the only tool you need to process and parse ALL of your digital evidence – mobile data, computer data, and cloud app data. I can use one interface to review every type of artifact, I don’t need to switch between different tools anymore to view and analyze all of my data.
Vice President Cyber Risk, Kroll Retired
Senior Forensic Examiner, U.S. Dept of Justice

Learn More about how FTK 8.0 can help you streamline your forensic investigations:

Digital forensic teams can move away from fragmented processes using multiple software solutions and cut through caseloads with a single solution with cutting-edge technology like:
  • Intuitive interfaces that empower new and experienced investigators alike
  • Timelines that display multimedia and other artifacts logically
  • Automation that handles routine tasks to maximize investigator efficiency
The Making of FTK 8.0:

Watch as Exterro's Product Team provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of FTK 8.0. The top priority for today's investigators is getting to the facts of the matter faster, so the team focused on reducing the number of clicks to reach key evidence, and redesigning the interface to be familiar enough for examiners of all skill levels to be instantly productive.

FTK Core Feature Set
In addition to all of the innovative new features in version 8.0, the FTK Forensic Toolkit can still expertly perform the following:
  • Create (free!) full-disk forensic images of hard drives, thumb drives, CDs/DVDs, and other electronic media
  • Scalable lightning-fast processing engine
  • Fastest processing and parsing engine on the market for *native* mobile device extractions
  • Decrypt drives & files
  • Password cracking & recovery
  • Parse registry files and Windows system information
  • Label, bookmark and export artifacts
  • Extensive Mac artifact parsing
  • Offline language translation & ABBYY OCR
  • Portable Case format to share with outside reviewers
  • Python scripting & data carving
  • Explicit Image Detection, facial & object detection and recognition
  • AI-based video recognition
  • Project Vic, CAID & Semantics 21 integration for CSAM cases
  • Remote endpoint preview & collection with FTK Enterprise
  • Large-scale distributed processing model with FTK Lab
  • Browser-based collaborative review platform with FTK Central
  • Time-saving workflow automations with FTK Connect
  • And so much more!
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