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You Can Build Your Career at Exterro

Created on January 14, 2022

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

After finishing his second year of law school and spending a summer redlining contracts and reviewing documents for litigation, Mike Hamilton, J.D., realized that a traditional lawyer’s career wasn’t what he was looking for. He was spending too much time isolated in solitary tasks, and he wasn’t exercising his creativity. But a friend’s sister was working on the lean marketing team of legal technology company, three or four years down the startup path, and they were looking to hire a marketer. It seemed worth a shot.

Almost twelve years later, Mike is Vice President of Marketing, and that startup tech company, Exterro, has completed two major acquisitions and offers the industry’s leading technology platform for managing the complexities and mitigating the risks associated with Legal Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Mike explained, “My impression from the start was that Exterro was hungry for success–and they wanted people that were hungry, too. I had a chance to meet the CEO, Bobby Balachandran, during the interview process, and I knew I would have the chance to really make an impact at Exterro if he was taking the time to meet with me during the interview process.”

Mike recalled a conversation he had with Bobby as the company grew. Exterro had been known as the legal hold company, but was aggressively expanding its product suite. “I was concerned we were losing our focus, but Bobby said we needed to be constantly evolving. And you know what, he delivered. Bobby’s seen us through consistent growth. We’ve acquired two companies, offer legal teams a comprehensive product suite, and he’s been named Breakthrough Legaltech CEO of the year for 2021.” Mike continued, “If I had to describe my experience with Exterro in one word, it would be transformative. We’re going to keep pushing the limits and changing how the legal community meets the requirements of their data obligations.”

But the transformation is not just in the company or its technology. It’s also present in the people who work and build careers there. Mike recalls a specific incident, “I remember planning a webinar early in my time at Exterro. I thought it would be great to have a judge who wrote an interesting decision speak on the webinar. I had never worked with a judge before, so I just cold called him and asked. And he said, ‘Yes.’ I was intimidated, thinking, ‘I have to work with this judge, and I’m just a marketing person.’”

“But it was also empowering. I realized that anything’s possible if you don’t constrain yourself by thinking that you can’t do something because you’ve never done it before. That keeps me coming back, more than anything else. You aren’t put into a box where you can only do one thing or another. You have opportunities to test ideas, try out something new, and gain experience in a new area. You don’t have to wait two or three years for a promotion to get another opportunity.You can make what you want out of your career at Exterro.”

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