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Digital Forensics

FTK Over the Air Season 2 Has Launched

April 10, 2024

We're excited to announce that FTK Over the Air, Exterro's digital forensics podcast, has returned for its second season this month. Hosts Justin Tolman and Lynne Roossien are back, bringing in more digital forensics practitioners from both law enforcement and the private sector, to discuss current topics in the field.

One of the biggest stories of the past year without a doubt has been AI--specifically, generative AI. One of the big challenges for all of us who consume digital media is understanding if what we see is real or the product of a generative AI--whether it's text, an image, or even video. The consequences of understanding that for digital forensic investigators are even higher, which is why it's so critical for them to be able to identify AI-generated content. 

In the debut episode of Season 2, Bertram Lyons, CEO of MedEx Forensics, discusses the challenges and impact of AI-generated content and the need for authentication and provenance analysis. He highlights the obsolescence of digital information and the importance of understanding file formats. Lyons explains MedEx Forensics' methodology, which focuses on analyzing the internal structure of digital multimedia files. He also discusses the rise of synthetic media and the need for tools to authenticate and analyze it. 

The conversation explores the nuances of real, original, and authentic content, and the role of institutions and initiatives in addressing the issue. The importance of social media platforms in preserving metadata and ensuring trust is emphasized. The conversation explores the impact of AI on misinformation and victim data, the balance between privacy and content moderation, the legal landscape of manipulated content, the implications for various industries, the difference between deepfake and cheap fake, the impact on corporations, and the future of multimedia attribution and AI.

Check out the latest episode of FTK Over the Air here!

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