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Why FedRAMP Authorized E-Discovery Software Matters for All Government

Created on May 6, 2021

Content Manager at Exterro

When state, local, and federal government agencies need the highest levels of security standards for their e-discovery technology solutions, FedRAMP Authorized providers like Exterro can help. The FedRAMP program is a government-wide approach to assessing the security of cloud solutions, while authorizing those providers for use when federal data is being handled within an E-Discovery Data Management system—meaning that only the highest levels of security standards are followed by that provider.

According to research, the vast majority of federal agencies (91%) and state and local governments (93%) say all, most, or some systems and solutions in the cloud, and 45% of federal agencies and more than half of state and local governments store data on citizens and other “mission-critical” data in the cloud. While federal agencies already are required to utilize FedRAMP Authorized providers for processes like public records requests (PRR) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests—along with e-discovery processes—state and local governments can benefit from selecting FedRAMP Authorized e-discovery providers as well.

Because FedRAMP Authorized providers are required to adhere to NIST guidelines, government organizations, both federal and state/local, are likely to find reasons to pursue those providers as well.

Benefits of Utilizing a FedRAMP Authorized E-Discovery Software Provider

  • Save time and money through reuse of authorization. FedRAMP uses a “do once, use many times” type of framework, allowing the reuse of security assessments to help reduce burdens related to due diligence. And since Exterro E-Discovery has the most comprehensive end-to-end capabilities available, you’ll only need one provider to manage every step of the e-discovery process.
  • Utilize better security measures. FedRAMP security standards require several steps for saving data in the cloud—and only certain providers can ensure that these steps are performed. This is because federal agencies are required to consistently protect their data at a high level in the cloud. It’s one of the most rigorous certification requirements out there. Combined with Exterro’s architecture, legal and compliance processes receive an extra layer of protection and care.
  • Full stack infrastructure ensures total compliance. Utilizing FedRAMP Authorized e-discovery software solutions across the full range of system components—infrastructure, platform, and software—can help ensure total compliance. It also helps to level the playing field by providing baseline security from all potential vendors, allowing agencies to choose the most comprehensive solution for their needs. Exterro E-Discovery will put you in position to help fulfill those compliance requirements.
  • FedRAMP is the future. Cloud computing represents the future for government agencies, leading to greater adoption in recent years. FedRAMP plays a key role, as the program has helped to accelerate cloud security—and even some state governments are requiring that their providers follow FedRAMP guidelines. Cloud providers are put to a rigorous, multi-stage evaluation process that ensures the latest in security protocols are in place.

FedRAMP for Federal Government Organizations

It is a requirement that federal agencies, utilize FedRAMP Authorized software. Once approved by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the risk has been reviewed by the Joint Authorization Board and agencies are granted the right to engage with those vendors.

FedRAMP for State/Local Government Organizations

State/Local Government organizations should place the same amount of emphasis on FedRAMP Authorization because they already adhere to the highest levels of security standards—and it represents an ongoing commitment. FedRAMP Authorization can help assuage any business of security concerns and make them feel more confident about the protocols surrounding their sensitive data.

Even if certain state and local government agencies aren’t in the FedRAMP environment, many of the same security standards and controls carry over to all hosted environments, including GovCloud.

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