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Top 5 Legal Governance, Risk, and Compliance Resources from 2021

Created on December 24, 2021

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

2021 has seen the continuation, and at times the acceleration, of several trends that are reshaping the world of legal departments and legal leaders across the economy. At a strategic level, CLOs and general counsel are seeing their responsibilities expand into concerns like privacy regulation and compliance, data security, and greater involvement in business strategy. On the risk horizon, the potential consequences of privacy violations, ransomware attacks, and data breaches have never been higher.  

Legal professionals need somewhere to turn for information that helps them stay ahead of the changes in the field of Legal Governance, Risk, and Compliance... and this blog post is one place you can get a solid start on educating yourself. We've compiled a list of the most popular resources of 2021 from Exterro, and they're dominated by some of our most insightful, strategic pieces of the year. If you want to catch up with your peers, start with these resources.

Chief Legal Officer Survey

Exterro partnered with the Association of Corporate Counsel to survey almost 1000 CLOs and GCs. What are their concerns? What are they responsible for? How are they allocating precious resources?

Benchmark yourself against industry leaders by reviewing the insights from this survey report. 

Download the 2021 ACC Chief Legal Officers Survey

The Fundamentals of Legal Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Legal GRC is a relatively new term for a field that's arising at the convergence of key legal and strategic trends in business, but many professionals still focus on the components of legal GRC individually. Geared specifically at legal leaders, this guide helps lay out the benefits of taking a holistic legal GRC approach.

Download the General Counsel's Guide to Legal GRC

The E-Discovery Big Picture

Every year, Exterro looks at the big picture on e-discovery. What trends are shaping the profession, best practices, and technology? Who are the key players in the industry and what are they doing? What are the key lessons you need to know for today... and tomorrow? The State of E-Discovery report answers those big questions and more.

Download the 2021 State of E-Discovery Report

Managing Data for Privacy Compliance

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that preserving all your data is the least risky approach... but that's not true. More data produces more risk, not just in terms of potential for breaches, but also in managing data for privacy regulatory compliance and even in civil e-discovery. 

The benefits of implementing a data retention policy are clear, but that doesn't make the task any easier. Clearly organizations are looking for guidance, as our white paper Filling in Your Blind Spots: Implementing a Successful Data Retention Program resonated with professionals across the industry. 

Download Filling in Your Blind Spots: Implementing a Successful Data Retention Program

Must-Have Report on Must-Have Legal Technology

Legal technology is a fast-moving field, and staying informed can make the difference between efficient operations and a sizable investment in shelfware. Exterro and ACC partnered on the 2021 Legal Technology Report for In-House Professionals, and the results included a number of insights that show why mature organizations rely on and continue to invest in legal technology.

Download the 2021 Legal Technology Report for In-House Professionals today