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Exterro: Getting Primed for Growth in 2022 at SKO

Created on January 14, 2022

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

For many of us, 2020 and 2021 have felt like lost years—or at least years in limbo. Not so for Exterro. From the integration of privacy products into Exterro’s comprehensive legal GRC platform to the subsequent acquisition of AccessData and its suite of digital forensics solutions, the past two years have seen Exterro experience unprecedented innovation and growth, both in its technology and its business footprint.

But new years are always a time for re-assessment, re-invigoration, and fresh starts. 2022 is no different. This week, Exterro’s team has assembled in Frisco, Texas for our Sales Kick Off, an opportunity to assess our accomplishments for 2021, set our goals for 2022, and put in place plans to make them a reality. And what a start to the year it’s been!

On Monday, Chief Revenue Officer Clay Cocalis set the tone early with his discussion of the timeliness of Exterro’s Legal GRC technology platform. When thinking of Chinese Zodiac, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, he explained, and in legal technology, it’s the year of the platform solution. With legal teams recognizing the need for a single technology solution to manage and understand their data, the Exterro platform is uniquely positioned in the industry. With a focus on what we can control—things like attitude, effort, attendance, motivation, preparation, communication, leadership, focus—Exterro can seize this historic opportunity and transform the way legal teams derive value from and mitigate the risks of their data.

Energy was high when CEO and founder Bobby Balachandran took the stage. We’re going fast in 2022—and if there were any doubts, his motorcycle jacket and helmet put them to rest emphatically. 2021 was an exciting year for the organization, he explained recapping highlights that included:

For many organizations, any of these achievements might be considered a crowning achievement, but with his eyes toward the future, Bobby emphasized that for Exterro 2021 was a foundational year, more “We’re just getting started” than “Look at what we’ve done.”

The theme for 2022, he explained, was “Get Ready to Go Fast,” both for the company and for the individuals on the team. For the coming year, we have four key areas of focus.

  • Revenue Growth: With our new technology additions to the Legal GRC platform, Exterro’s total accessible market is larger than ever, encompassing e-discovery, privacy, incident response, and digital forensics.
  • Deliver World-Class Technology: With integrations between FTK and Exterro, new connectors for the platform, new products in the privacy market, and new features in e-discovery software on tap, there’s no shortage of innovative new products being added to the Exterro solution set.
  • Be the Preferred Vendor for Our Customers: With new systems and processes in place, as well as updates to organizational structure, Exterro customers can expect the same exceptional service from their teams.
  • Build a World-Class Organization: As Exterro continues to grow, we’re committed to bringing more top talent onto the team, providing them with a platform for career growth, and giving back to the communities we live and work in.

With four days of learning, training, and fun on tap, SKO has the Exterro team primed for an exciting year of growth in 2022!