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Exterro Announces Fusion Zeta™: Workflow-Driven Early Case Assessment, Collection, and Analysis

Created on May 23, 2011

Exterro® today announces the release of Fusion Zeta, the data management layer to its integrated e-discovery software suite. Fusion Zeta delivers streamlined data management with in-place early case assessment, collection, analysis and review.  The cornerstone of winning case strategies, Fusion Zeta allows an organization to quickly scan and analyze its IT infrastructure. Legal teams can use this information to estimate costs and build different collection scenarios with defensible budget figures.  Fusion Zeta's analysis and in-house review tools help legal teams arrive at an informed case strategy at the outset of a matter. The combination of cost estimation, custodian scoping, and early evidence review delivers timely insights that organizations need.  With the addition of Fusion Zeta, Exterro's solution suite manages the e-discovery process, as well as executes all e-discovery activities.

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The relationship between workflow and data is the subject of a free eDiscovery Journal webinar “Marrying Workflow and Data to Make eDiscovery a Manageable Business Process" on Wednesday, May 25 at 1 PM EDT.  Click here for more information and to register.