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7 Reasons Why You Need a Cybersecurity Response Plan

Created on August 18, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

Cyberthreats are constantly evolving and growing in sophistication, while at the same time, privacy regulatory regimes are increasingly mandating that organizations do a better job protecting consumers’ sensitive information. The risks these trends pose have only been compounded over the past few years as a result of disruptions caused by the pandemic, social and political polarization, and increased social awareness of trends in digital ethics, privacy rights, sustainability, and climate change activism.  According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach 2023 report, cyberattacks across the globe have cost organizations US $44 billion in losses in 2022. While... Read More

Kickstart Email and Internet Activity Investigations with these Digital Forensics Tips

Created on August 16, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

Businesses today face a more diverse and more dangerous array of cybersecurity threats than ever before. External bad actors include everything from individuals to profit-motivated gangs and even state-based cyber-warfare units. They might be looking to steal intellectual property or consumer data, paralyze critical infrastructure, or hold data hostage for ransom. At any given time, they might be deploying malware or ransomware, using phishing attacks, or breaching firewalls. Unfortunately, the threats posed by external bad actors can pale in comparison to the damage caused by insider threats. From low-level fraud or theft... Read More

Inside Exterro: Working with Customers

Created on August 15, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

While Exterro is a technology company, we make sure our customers understand the technology isn't a magic black box that functions on its own. Our teams work with them to set up the software and to provide them the support they need to get the most out of the software. After all, even the most tech-savvy users require training to make sure they can accomplish their goals using Exterro's suite of privacy, e-discovery, and digital forensics solutions.  Two teams that frequently interact with customers include our training and client success teams--and the two interviews... Read More

Why You Need Live Preview in Your Digital Forensics Toolkit

Created on August 15, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

What Is Live Preview in Digital Forensics? In the context of digital forensics, a "live preview" refers to the ability to view and analyze the contents of a digital device or system in real-time or near real-time, without altering its state or data. It allows investigators to assess the current state of a system, gather volatile data, and potentially identify any malicious or suspicious activities occurring on the system. It's important to note that while live preview provides valuable real-time insights, it should be performed carefully to avoid contaminating or altering the... Read More

Addressing Challenges to Investigating Financial Crimes

Created on August 10, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

The value of data to the modern corporation can hardly be underestimated. Organisations today amass more data, from more sources, than ever before. They collect data from every business transaction with their customers. They create data throughout the course of business operations, for everything from budgeting and work planning to research and development and internal communications. This wealth of information keeps the organization moving forward and allows them to deliver highly targeted products and services to customers at just the right time. But all this data comes with costs as well. Data... Read More

Inside Exterro: Shashi Angadi, Chief Technology Officer

Created on August 9, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

At one level, Exterro's software helps organizations manage their data with regards to various obligations they have--whether those are for litigation, or privacy compliance, or even internal investigations. As Shashi Angadi, Chief Technology Officer at Exterro, explains, "When it comes to e-discovery, the most complex litigation, people have deadlines and have to get the data out... We're helping legal counsel and legal departments get the job done quickly in the most efficient way, saving a lot of costs. And when you talk about privacy, we are helping customers help make sure that their... Read More

New Digital Forensic Tools: Using Improved Timelines to Solve Cases

Created on August 2, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

In 2023, law enforcement officials must review more data, more often, than ever before. Where a decade ago, an investigation might have required the analysis of a single computer or a smartphone, crimes today may have a web of evidence that spans multiple devices, social media platforms, cloud data storage, and more. Multiply that by the fact that almost every crime has a digital footprint—a text message or email, photographic or video evidence, location data, an internet search—and you have a recipe for a crisis. Law enforcement departments across the country and... Read More