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The Components of a Great Security Awareness Training Program

Created on September 2, 2022

Director of Marketing, Exterro

Over the past couple years, in light of the surge of hybrid and full-time remote workers, organizations have put renewed interest in cybersecurity training for employees. With all the trends in cybercrime pointing toward more frequent and more costly incidents and data breaches, there's a real incentive to making sure your training is effective. But unfortunately, it can actually be hard to accomplish the goal--especially remotely. For example, during the training you have to keep your employees engaged and motivated to pay attention. After all, you want them to maintain a reasonably strong level of cyber-hygiene after... Read More

Freeing Up IT Security Time With AI & Chatbots

Created on August 27, 2021

Director of Marketing, Exterro

Introduction With much of the world now pretty much gone virtual, businesses across America are trying to find new ways to reach out to both prospects and existing customers. Apart from the usual email blasts and other forms of digital marketing, the use of virtual assistants is now becoming a popular norm. For the most part, we have all seen this; it is that tiny window that is lurking at the lower-right part of the merchant’s website. With this, you engage in an instant dialogue with a customer service rep (CSR) on... Read More

Understanding & Stopping Cyberattacks with Exterro FTK Enterprise

Created on July 27, 2021

Director of Marketing, Exterro

These days, there’s a major cyberattack seemingly lurking around every corner. While security professionals have always been aware of the constant threat of a data breach, the recent disclosure of major issues related to SolarWinds, the Colonial Pipeline, Kaseya have turned breaches into big news. Around the world, hackers are finding and exploiting security weaknesses, and often holding the data of companies, governments and healthcare organizations hostage. Breaches are now commonplace, but incident response is often not at the level that it needs to be to effectively manage the aftermath. How can... Read More

An Introduction to Cryptography

Created on July 14, 2021

Director of Marketing, Exterro

The FundamentalsCryptography dates all the way back to the times of Julius Caesar. In its simplest terms, the science of Cryptography is merely the scrambling and the descrambling of written messages between two individual parties.These individual parties can also be referred to as the sender and the receiver. The former creates the text and scrambles it into an undecipherable state, and in turn, the latter receives the text and unscrambles into a decipherable format.A very simple example is “I LOVE YOU.” The sending party would scramble this message by rearranging the letters... Read More