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How Law Firm Leaders Can Optimize Their Tech Investments

Created on November 22, 2022

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

This article originally appeared on Law360 under the title, How Law Firm Leaders can optimize their tech investments, authored by Simon Whitburn, GM and SVP of International Business at Exterro. Legal technology is helping expedite case processing by enabling processes to become more streamlined and efficient.  Among larger firms, there's been a rush to the top as firms seek to tool up in order to create a better client experience and increase client retention. They also stand to make significant cost savings by bringing the 50 to 60 functions they outsource on average... Read More

Data Privacy Alert: FTC Acts Against Drizly

Created on November 21, 2022

Director of Marketing, Privacy

This proposed order against both Drizly and its CEO means that executives and the companies they lead must add the FTC to the alphabet soup of agencies regulating their privacy policies and cybersecurity posture. Overview On October 24, 2022, the Federal Trade Commission announced its proposed action against the online alcohol marketplace Drizly and its CEO, James Cory Rellas, over its failure to take measures to prevent a security breach that compromised the personal data of approximately 2.5 million consumers who used its marketplace to place retail orders for beer, wine... Read More

Exterro FTK® Wins Again, This Time for Innovation in Legal Services

Created on November 18, 2022

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

The plaudits keep on coming for the deployment of FTK Central® by the West Midlands Police Force, a project in which we partnered with WMP and Microsoft on a pioneering effort that lays the foundation for a UK-spanning, national digital forensics service, enabling cases to be worked on remotely, officers to collaborate, and cases to be resolved at speed. On November 16th, at the British Legal Technology Awards 2022, Exterro was awarded the prize for Innovation in Legal Services, which recognizes us for “driving the future of technology in legal services.”... Read More

An E-Discovery Day Interview with Judge Andrew Peck (ret.)

Created on November 18, 2022

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

This blog originally appeared 11/14/22 on EDRM's blog here.Since its inception in 2015, E-Discovery Day has grown a lot over the years. Almost 20,000 people have participated in one way or another over the last seven celebrations of the growing and vital role of e-discovery in the legal process. Exterro and its partners—almost 40 different organizations over the years—have hosted 84 official webinars and over 50 official events. We can’t even count all the local gatherings and virtual events that have been hosted during the first week of December every year. A... Read More

Exterro Review Recognized as Finalist for “Best E-Discovery” by 2022 KM World Readers’ Choice Awards

Created on November 18, 2022

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

Portland, Ore., Nov. 16, 2022 – Exterro Inc. – the preferred provider of Legal GRC software specifically designed for in-house legal, privacy, and IT teams at Global 2000 and AmLaw 200 organizations – announced today that KM World Readers’ Choice Awards named Exterro Review as a finalist for the “Best E-Discovery” platform on the market. For the second consecutive year, Exterro Review was recognized in this category by KM World as one of the most innovative technologies that help organizations with extracting the right information for use by the right people at... Read More

Case Law Alert: Failure to Suspend Retention Policy Leads to Severe Sanctions

Created on November 18, 2022

Vice President, E-Discovery

With the vast amounts of data organizations store and collect, it can become difficult to know when to suspend document retention policies and preserve the data those policies govern for litigation (or other reasons). In Meta Platforms, Inc. v. BrandTotal Ltd. (N.D. Cal. June 6, 2022), the defendant’s failure to suspend their retention policies lead to spoliation and sanctions. Overview In this data privacy case around illegally collecting digital data, the plaintiff sought an adverse inference sanction against the defendant for deleting information relevant to the case. During the discovery process... Read More

How Will Your Organization Respond to this CCPA Nightmare Letter?

Created on November 11, 2022

Vice President - Data Privacy, Exterro

The original source of the Nightmare Letter was created by Constantine Karbaliotis, Counsel at nNovation LLP, in 2018 and published on LinkedIn in relation to the GDPR. With CPRA coming into effect on January 1, 2023, time is running out for organizations to comply with its requirements. The California Attorney General's office has made it clear it intends to enforce the provisions of both CCPA and CPRA, with his recent settlement with Sephora being just one example.  Organizations will no longer have the fallback of 30 days to remedy a violation; the the CPRA eliminates... Read More