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Exterro Announces the Launch of FTK Central, a Digital Forensic Platform Designed to Find Evidence Faster, Increase Analysis Speed, Enhance User Collaboration and Reduce Case Backlog

PORTLAND, Ore., June 2, 2021 – Exterro Inc., the preferred provider of Legal GRC software specifically designed for in-house legal, privacy, and IT teams at Global 2000 and AmLaw 200 organizations, today announced the launch of Forensic Toolkit (FTK) Central, a single platform that seamlessly unites digital forensic investigations and review workflows to address Legal GRC challenges from beginning to end. FTK Central combines the industry-leading, powerful processing engine of FTK with innovative new forensic and review workflows for all skill levels. The result is accelerated forensic collections, document productions, internal investigations and review, and reliable, repeatable, and scalable forensic-level processing—all in a single, collaborative, web-based solution.

Forensic investigators, incident responders and legal reviewers can use FTK Central to handle even the most complex and diverse data types. FTK Central allows users not only to ingest forensic images, loose files and other difficult-to-handle information, but also to remotely collect data from anywhere, including cloud data sources, structured repositories and endpoints that are on or off the network. Users can review all types of data through a single lens, all with instant near-native rendering by FTK Central’s intelligent viewer to provide a fast and responsive review experience.

FTK Central is designed to optimal resource utilization, allowing forensic teams to work faster, more efficiently and more productively. The intuitive UI is familiar and easy to use for all skill levels, ensuring non-technical users will spend less time learning the product and more time using it, and relieving labs of the burden of repeatedly training their users. Also, for organizations that need to bring in outside help for large-scale projects, FTK Central is the only solution in the industry that can provide access to both internal and external team members for seamless sharing and collaboration in the same case file, while maintaining complete control over which information is shared with whom. Outside reviewers can review forensic case data from their own device from anywhere in the world at any time.

“Digital evidence is becoming increasingly overwhelming to process both in terms of complexity and volume. At the same time, forensic experts and legal reviewers are under pressure to work faster, solve more cases and secure more convictions,” said Exterro Founder and CEO Bobby Balachandran. “FTK Central’s new processing and review efficiencies address these challenges directly and decisively with powerful processing that can easily handle modern data sets. Forensics teams using FTK Central can now collaborate efficiently from anywhere on their own devices and quickly reduce lab backlog from years to months, from weeks to days or hours.”

Key FTK Central features include:

  • Fresh, intuitive and familiar UI modeled after Google material design and suitable for all skill levels
  • Industry-leading processing power designed for speed and managing complex data on a simple, reliable platform
  • Efficient collaboration with outside reviewers and team members with configurable case files that ensure reviewers see only the data that is relevant for their assigned case(s)
  • Forensic collection of endpoint data, including remote off-network collection and cloud data source collection from popular tools like the G Suite, Office 365 and Slack
  • Unrivaled near-native review of chat applications data integrated into all document types, with no need to switch viewers when navigating across documents, videos, chat logs and more
  • Near-instant rapid review with a “pop-out reviewer” allowing users to move a file to a second screen for easier dual-monitor viewing
  • Automation of a comprehensive range of repetitive tasks like evidence acquisition and evidence review and export
  • Seamless integration with other FTK products; enhances existing forensic lab eco-systems and fits all skillsets

Learn more about Exterro FTK Central.