Who holds the Key to a defensible Incident & Breach Response

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Who holds the Key to a defensible Incident & Breach Response

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With the landscape of state, federal, and international breach notification laws always changing, teams must act quickly to determine whether the incident requires notification — to who, and when. Failure to comply could result not only in fines and penalties but a severe damage to an organization’s brand and reputation. But who holds the key to the Incident response process? Who brings the  right stakeholders together at the right time and how? What’s the real role of the privacy department in an incident? When does the Cyber response team get involved? What is the crucial component of the overall response strategy? The resolution of the incident can extend beyond the singular event and elevate the status and visibility of the team involved within the broader organization. Join us for this interactive webcast to understand how you may begin planning today to effectively address a future incident, while also recognizing the importance of your team's vital role in the organization.

  • How to operationalize the incident response process to efficiently detect and manage risk throughout the enterprise.
  • How can cross functional teams overcome barriers to realize the value presented by real automation?
  • Best practices for building a strong collaboration between security, privacy, legal, and other functional areas
  • How efficient process orchestration drives positive business outcomes across the organization

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