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The Basics of Digital Forensics—What is Digital Forensics

Digital forensics receives more attention today than at any time in recent memory. From the efforts of law enforcement investigators working to solve crimes based on the digital footprint perpetrators leave behind to private professionals working to understand how to prevent cyberattacks from hackers and ransomware gangs, digital forensics professionals appear both in the news and in books, television shows, and movies.

But digital forensics remains a mystery to many. How can they reconstruct a crime from deleted files on a smartphone or computer? What is the goal of the digital forensic process? What sort of tools do they use?

Download the first chapter of the basics of digital forensics to learn:

  • Why digital forensics is important to private enterprise and law enforcement
  • What are the differences between digital forensics and e-discovery
  • What types of jobs are available in the digital forensics field