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The Basics of Digital Forensics: The Three Types of Digital Forensic Investigations

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Once a digital forensic investigator has learned the investigatory process and how to use the technology, what sorts of investigations might he or she expect to conduct? There are three main types of digital forensic investigations: criminal investigations, civil litigation, and internal investigations—but of course this is somewhat complicated by the fact that individuals or organizations can conduct private investigations of any of these types.

If you're interested in learning about the different types of digital forensic investigations, what role they play in various legal and other processes, and how they resemble and differ from each other, this chapter of the Basics of Digital Forensics is a great place to start!

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  • What are the three principal types of digital forensic investigations
  • How the three types of digital forensic investigations are similar and how they are different
  • Tips and best practices for each of the three types of digital forensic investigations