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The Basics of Digital Forensics—The Forensic Investigation Process

One thing that sets digital forensics apart from other types of investigations is its rigorous process that demands careful attention to detail, mastery of complex technical knowledge, and diligent documentation. To ensure the evidence uncovered remains admissible in court, digital forensic investigators must meet the requirements of forensic soundness and maintain a chain of custody, ensuring that the evidence is what it purports to be.

The second chapter of Exterro's Basics of Digital Forensics digs into the process, from identification to preservation, analysis, documentation, and ultimately presentation of the case. Download the chapter today to learn:

  • How initial stages of the investigation set the stage for compelling conclusions
  • What terms like "forensic soundness" and "chain of custody" mean and how they relate to investigations
  • Where to find tips, tricks, and additional information to help you increase your understanding of the field of digital forensics