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Implementing the CISA Cybersecurity Incident Response Playbook

Founded in 2018 to understand and mitigate the risks to critical infrastructure posed by cyberthreats, and to facilitate coordination between federal agencies, the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) partners with agencies like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to provide operational guidance and procedures to organizations throughout the US government and economy at large.

Published by CISA in November 2021, the Cybersecurity Incident and Vulnerability Response Playbooks give federal agencies, contracting organizations, and vendors and service providers to federal agencies a framework to understand and implement response plans that minimize the risk of cyberattacks to critical US infrastructure.

Download this action plan to learn:

  • What the various stages of the CISA incident response process are
  • How to follow the process on a step-by-step basis, from preparation through post-incident activity
  • Why the ability to collect evidence in a forensically sound manner is important throughout the incident response process