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Don’t Let Departing Employees Turn into Insider Threats

Download this Exterro digital forensics checklist to learn how to conduct an effective internal investigation when an employee is departing your organization.

While ransomware attacks and data breaches are justifiably scary, insider threats are far more common—and far more damaging—than most people know. Culprits like the “London Whale,” who cost JP Morgan over $7 billion, and the Yahoo research scientist who stole over half a million pages of IP after taking a job from a competitor make headlines too, but such malfeasance often goes undetected until it’s far too late.

Installing a digital forensic investigation process like the one laid out in this checklist can help you quickly and efficiently assess whether a departing employee is a threat to your organization.

Download this checklist to learn:

  • How to set parameters for an efficient internal investigation
  • What to look for as indicators that a departing employee may be an insider threat
  • Why you're better off preserving more data than you think you may need