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The Comprehensive Guide to E-Discovery Review, 2nd Edition

In this 2nd Edition Guide to E-Discovery Review, learn best practices for streamlining processes and cutting costs from the most expensive stage of the EDRM.

Cases that involve a broad set of issues and many relevant players (custodians) will invariably result in a larger, more expensive final review project. But review is also heavily influenced by earlier e-discovery stages. Sloppy preservation practices or overly broad collections can result in storing more documents, creating more to review, which is a problem that many companies experience.

This is why 73% of all e-discovery costs occur within the document review stage. And, because review is so expensive, many of the most significant advancements in e-discovery technology have been designed to address this stage of the e-discovery process.

Download this comprehensive guide and learn:

  • What is review exactly?
  • What an effective e-discovery review process looks like
  • How to use technology assisted view effectively
  • Key metrics to measure document review efficiency