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Changing Lives with Exterro FTK®

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Almost every crime has a digital footprint—a text message or email, photographic or video evidence, location data, an internet search. Digital forensic investigators work behind the scenes, collecting, cataloguing, and analyzing this digital evidence. This emotionally difficult, high-stress work is critical to securing convictions against perpetrators and closure for victims. But the proliferation of digital devices and the lack of resources has resulted in backlogs of evidence requiring analysis, leading to months- and years-long delays in the delivery of justice.

Exterro, with its FTK® family of digital forensic solutions, is transforming the investigatory process and giving law enforcement professionals and victims of crime reason to hope.

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  • What challenges law enforcement digital forensic investigators face
  • How technology helps them do the difficult work of bringing criminals to justice
  • Why advanced digital forensic technology has the potential to change victims' lives for the better