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14 Pivotal Metrics for Reducing Document Review Costs

Download this whitepaper to learn about some metrics you can track and analyze to reduce the cost of document review projects.

For legal professionals, the way to ensure repeatability, defensibility, and efficiency of your e-discovery process is to treat it as a business process. And that means identifying metrics, tracking them, and managing with the goal of optimizing them. Legal professionals know that the most expensive part of litigation is the discovery process, and in turn, the most important part of discovery is document review. With costs for document review taking up almost 3/4 of the budget of civil litigation, it stands to reason that reducing review costs is the key to reducing spend around legal matters.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why developing metrics and key performance indicators is important for legal teams
  • Which metrics to track before, during, and after document review projects
  • How to evaluate your projects based on these metrics--and then improve them