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The State of Data Governance and Legal in 2023: E-Discovery, Compliance, Privacy, and Internal Investigations

Executives and practitioners alike benefit from understanding best practices and technological capabilities before attempting to put them into place in their own organizations. For enterprises, one of the best ways to learn these things is by understanding what their peers are doing and benchmarking their operations against them. Exterro has a long history of conducting in-depth benchmarking surveys and reports, but in 2022, we conducted five such surveys and have compiled them into this extensive report. Addressing pre-litigation preparedness, document review, privacy compliance, internal investigations, and digital forensics and incident response, this report offers a holistic look at how enterprises are operationalizing processes across the entire spectrum of legal governance, risk, and compliance.

Download this report to learn:

  • Why organizations should use e-discovery as an example for upgrading their internal technology and processes
  • What key capabilities they will need for e-discovery, privacy, and digital forensics teams
  • How converging disciplines are increasing the importance of adopting holistic technology solutions