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2022 Enterprise DFIR Benchmarking Report

We have all heard, many times by now, that the rapid transition to remote workforces is here to stay. Organizations must adapt their policies and technologies to suit a fully remote or hybrid workforce— and that includes its ability to conduct investigations. Between HR violations, data breaches, phishing attacks, employee wrongdoing, and countless other incidents, enterprises must be able to quickly, remotely, and at times covertly investigate matters.

Naturally the topic is sensitive, but that doesn’t eliminate the need to benchmark one’s own organization against others. This report, the result of Exterro’s first corporate digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) survey, helps fill that gap. Download it to learn:

  • How mature organizations are in their digital forensic and incident response processes
  • What majority remote organizations are doing differently than their in-office peers
  • What technologies will play key roles for DFIR teams moving forward