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Product Briefs

Learn about the key features and benefits of Exterro software solutions in our library of product briefs.

Product Briefs

FTK Lab Product Brief

Digital forensics units throughout the world are inundated with ever-growing caseloads and increasingly massive data sets. FTK Lab helps forensics labs gain control over their caseload by enabling examiners to work cases faster and more efficiently


Product Briefs

Exterro FTK Central Product Brief

The only forensic platform that combines blazing-fast processing power, limitless scalability, and simplified review in a collaborative, web-based solution.

Product Briefs

Smart Breach Review Data Sheet

Learn about the fastest and most accurate way to find personal information and data subjects for breach data reporting.

Product Briefs

Exterro and Slack Product Brief

Exterro and Slack have partnered together to give joint customers the ability to proactively analyze, collect and review data stored within Slack.

Product Briefs

Exterro Policy Management Product Brief

Learn how Exterro Policy Management gives you the power to implement a defensible and consistent policy communication and acknowledgement process

Product Briefs

Exterro and G Suite Product Brief

Get the Exterro and G Suite product brief to learn how you can preserve, analyze, collect and review data available within Gmail, Google calendar, Google Drive and Google Vault

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