India Has Taken a Major Step with the Personal Data Protection Bill of 2019

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India Has Taken a Major Step with the Personal Data Protection Bill of 2019

Why This Privacy Law is Important:

Drafted following a Supreme Court judgement in August 2017 that declared the “Right to Privacy” a fundamental right, India’s Personal Data Protection Bill would overhaul of India's current data protection regime. Approved by the Cabinet in December 2019 and introduced in the Lok Sabha in February 2020, the Bill proposes to put restrictions on the use of personal data without the explicit consent of citizens.


With nearly 800 million internet users, India is the world’s largest open internet market. After trying to update the Information Technology Act of 2000 for over a decade, India has marked a milestone by adopting the final report on the Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB).

PDPB includes requirements for notice and prior consent for the use of individual data, limitations on the purposes for which data can be processed by companies, and restrictions to ensure that only data necessary for providing a service to the individual in question is collected. In addition, it includes data localization requirements and the appointment of data protection officers within organizations.

The Indian Joint Parliamentary Committee responsible for reviewing PDPB issued its report on the proposed law after nearly two years. The report will likely be presented in the Winter Session of Parliament, which begins on November 29, 2021. If passed, the PDPB would constitute the first comprehensive data protection law in India.

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